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From: jerry f stutte jfstut at charter.net
Date: Tue Mar 27 06:58:39 EEST 2007
Maemmo community,


I installed the "sdhc-kernel.bin" I found on the site 
"http://intr.overt.org/n800-sdhc-kernel" based on the NOKIA build 
2.2006.51-6 on March 22, 07.

The build appears to be based on kernel 2.6.18-omap1#4  e.g. I 
experienced chronic reboots.  These reboots were reported on 
"internettablettalk" going back to the first kernel update posted on the 
maemo website for the N800.

Aside the point! While I was happy to recognize that SDHC support was 
enabled I found myself a little discouraged seeing that the kernel 
lacked support for the linux file system.  I was hoping that it would 
contain the ext2 support with no journaling. Seeing that this is/was not 
a sanctioned release from maemo website,  my statement is moot.

Q I assume it would be a no-no to try and use the ext2.ko module from 
the n770, I am assuming this would be a mistake beings they are 
different arm's and different kernels (has any one tried it). 

Does or has any one devised a patch that would do both SDHC and ext2 for 
the latest build released from maemo for the N800 seeing that it was 
only released last week I am assuming the answer is NO.  I have 
installed the latest build released from maemo for the N800 last week 
and it seems to be very stable.  ThankYou I lost search information 
multiple time with the previous build.

My Questions are,

Q1 are there kernel tarballs available for the platforms that would 
allow some one like my self to attempt hacks on these kernels to allow 
someone like my self to attempt to create patches addressing some of my 

Q2 is there any one in the communtiy that would be willing to help me 
come to a better understanding on programming on the arm platform and or 
addressing kernel issues and patches with regard to the N800 and N770 in 
the community.


With respect to documentation, there seems to be a great disconnect on 
what is being fixed at what may be broken by attempting to use a new build.

I am always baffled by my lack of ability to find info on what the 
newest builds are addressing regarding fixes and hardware support, some 
of these new builds seemed to be rushed and seem to break more things 
than they fix.  An artifact of being on the bleading edge.

I would be happy to try to attempt to promote better documentation for 
the site ( I guess I am volunteering).   If I could get a better handle 
on what kernels are being used with any particular build.  It might help 
others make better decisions when updating or update planning.

My comments are not to flame or complain (I realize many people are 
doing this on a voluntary basis),

Q3 Is there is a more centralized area of the maemo site that addresses 
fixes when it come to build releases? as stated I would be happy to do 
some write ups as I understand things; seeing that I am having a 
difficult time especially with regard to knowing just what is being 
fixed in new releases and what I may be giving up.

Is it my imagination that maemo has avoided ext2 support for a good 
reason that I don't understand.  I assumed that it would have been 
standard on the N800 from the start.


I noticed when I use the vpnc (cisco) software with either the n800 or 
the n770 that the connection breaks down rather quickly.
when I use it from home to a local university, the connection holds up 
rather well (I'll have to experiment, whether it is because I am 
typically on a charger at home, whereas I am typically on battery on 
campus and energy conservation routines  maybe breaking down the 
connection).  Anyway has any thought been given to provide a way of 
turning off energy saving routines when the need arises.  

I was attending a High Performance Computing seminar and could not hold 
a consistant connection to the local net via vpn, 1-3 minutes was the max. 

It may be the wifi routers they use are using, are not satifactory in 
communicating with the NOKIA's that said all of laptops at the seminar 
held connections rather well.  Coming full circle I imagine it has more 
to with energy conservation algorithms.

Q4    I have a n770 (dual boot) running the linux kernel I typically boot to mmc.
I have edited the fstab and minircS shutdown and reboot files to allow 
mounting of an alternate partition that I might be able to allow maemo 
mapper to load maps from that partition.  The problem is on startup the 
mount of that partition does not occur.  I always have to manually mount 
the partition.  Would anyone volunteer to look at the fstab and minircS 
files and tell me what I am doing wrong. 

q5    can anyone reccomend running the 2007 kernel posted for the n770 
or does it slow the n770 device down to much!

Should my questions and comments be more appropriate on the 
internettablettalk forum.


Jerry Stutte

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