[maemo-users] help

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Tue Mar 27 07:51:14 EEST 2007
jerry f stutte wrote:
> Maemmo community,
> I was hoping that it would 
> contain the ext2 support with no journaling. Seeing that this is/was not 
> a sanctioned release from maemo website,  my statement is moot.

That's pretty easy to install - apt-get install e2fsprogs

> Q I assume it would be a no-no to try and use the ext2.ko module from 
> the n770.

Probably wouldn't work - you should just use the version that is installed by e2fsprogs. You'll also need load mbcache.ko.

> My Questions are,
> Q1 are there kernel tarballs available for the platforms that would 
> allow some one like my self to attempt hacks on these kernels to allow 
> someone like my self to attempt to create patches addressing some of my 
> questions.
I believe the source is released with the SDK.

> Comment   Is it my imagination that maemo has avoided ext2 support for a 
> good reason that I don't understand.  I assumed that it would have been 
> standard on the N800 from the start.
A stock 770 or N800 doesn't need ext2 - the default file systems are jffs2 (for internal flash) and vfat (for MMC/SD cards). Including ext2 by default would be a waste of flash storage on a filesystem that is not used. However if you want it you can install it quite easily via apt.

There is a custom N800 kernel available with ext2/3, nfs etc. but the download page is currently unavailable, and I've no idea what sources were used to build the kernel and it may be unwise to use it. 

> Q4    I have a n770 (dual boot) running the linux kernel 
> I typically boot to mmc.
> Would anyone volunteer to look at the fstab and minircS 
> files and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Sure, post the relevant files and I'm sure someone will try to help! :)

> q5    can anyone reccomend running the 2007 kernel posted for the n770 
> or does it slow the n770 device down to much!

It works surprisingly well - no real performance hit at all.

> Should my questions and comments be more appropriate on the 
> internettablettalk forum.
Yes - they are all answered there already (apart from possibly your fstab/mount issue). Please don't hesitate to use the "Search" function. :)

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