[maemo-users] I just want to buy a N800 but Nokia don't let me do!

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Mar 29 10:58:41 EEST 2007
Jesus wrote:
> In Summary: I have an international credit card (and money!), I have a 
> discount code, I have a friend living in US that is coming to Brazil (he 
> doesn't have a credit card with billing address in US to!) and I REALLY 
> want a N800. Nokia doesn't let me to!

Yes, had the same problem (i.e wanted to pay with my valid card and ship 
to someone else because they don't want to ship it to my country). I 
think this is some sort of conspiracy on Nokia side :-) Maybe they don't 
want to sell it because they know it will be faulty and they also know 
their support is poor so why not to cut it at the beginning and don't 
sell anything to strangers who are not worthy? Just kidding :-) I'm 
still happy for the discount code.

I found nice person in Germany. The price for this shipping/billing 
address problem was 8.60 EUR additional postage plus 4.01 EUR on PayPal 
fees (PayPal has no problem with my card) plus wasted time of that nice 
person plus my fear that something will go wrong. Quite cheap when 
considering the discount and device is fine. But still I was not very 
impressed by all those obstacles. And imagine we have this European 
Union thing so in theory there are no borders and barriers for people 
and trade :-)


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