[maemo-users] I just want to buy a N800 but Nokia don't let me do!

From: Jesus forgerbr at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 29 14:52:07 EEST 2007
So, I guess I need to find some nice person in US with PayPal. I could pay
in advance and send my discount code to this person... This person should
buy the n800 and send it to my friend in Norden. And I must trust the person
Hum... too risky ?!

2007/3/29, Frantisek Dufka <dufkaf at seznam.cz>:
> Jesus wrote:
> > In Summary: I have an international credit card (and money!), I have a
> > discount code, I have a friend living in US that is coming to Brazil (he
> > doesn't have a credit card with billing address in US to!) and I REALLY
> > want a N800. Nokia doesn't let me to!
> Yes, had the same problem (i.e wanted to pay with my valid card and ship
> to someone else because they don't want to ship it to my country). I
> think this is some sort of conspiracy on Nokia side :-) Maybe they don't
> want to sell it because they know it will be faulty and they also know
> their support is poor so why not to cut it at the beginning and don't
> sell anything to strangers who are not worthy? Just kidding :-) I'm
> still happy for the discount code.
> I found nice person in Germany. The price for this shipping/billing
> address problem was 8.60 EUR additional postage plus 4.01 EUR on PayPal
> fees (PayPal has no problem with my card) plus wasted time of that nice
> person plus my fear that something will go wrong. Quite cheap when
> considering the discount and device is fine. But still I was not very
> impressed by all those obstacles. And imagine we have this European
> Union thing so in theory there are no borders and barriers for people
> and trade :-)
> Frantisek
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