[maemo-users] I just want to buy a N800 but Nokia don't let me do!

From: Willie McKemie mckemie+maemo at spamcop.net
Date: Thu Mar 29 14:52:45 EEST 2007
On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 08:52:07AM -0300, Jesus wrote:
> So, I guess I need to find some nice person in US with PayPal. I could pay
> in advance and send my discount code to this person... This person should
> buy the n800 and send it to my friend in Norden. And I must trust the person
> to!
> Hum... too risky ?!

Better yet, get your friend to recruit this "nice person in US" locally 
and avoid shipping costs within the US.  Keep in mind that credit card 
fraud is rampant world wide and the "nice person in US" will be, or 
should be, justifiably wary.

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