[maemo-users] new site launch - status update

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Sat May 5 02:23:41 EEST 2007

Well, it looks like we got a new web site :) Below is the summary of
the current status.

# General - maemo.org

Midgard is safe and sound. The static web pages look reasonable OK. If
you don't like them please contact Quim, who is the "owner" of the web
content and design.

# moi moi moinmoin! - wiki.maemo.org

The old wiki is imported and available at wiki.maemo.org. The layout
of the imported pages are pretty descent. I did not have time to edit
all the pages, but if you feel like helping please let me/us know.
The old wiki remains read-only at http://test.maemo.org/maemowiki. You
can copy-paste content from there if you wish, keeping in mind the
syntax differences between moinmoin and markdown extra.
We know that there are bugs in the wiki, like this "wiki killer" [1].
Please be nice to our new site ;)

# bugzilla - bugs.maemo.org

I upgraded our old friend to the latest Debian stable version and made
the layout slightly different than the previous installation. You
still need a separate account (what a shame), but I put the account
synchronization on the project's TODO list. We will do this before our
summer holidays.
The service may seem to be slow every now and then. We will improve
the performance next week, when the database engine will be upgraded.

# planet - planet.maemo.org

We have a new planet as well. Unfortunately we are missing the
international (ie. non-english) edition, but I will take care of that
during the weekend. I hope the non english bloggers would excuse us.
The new planet is a bit different. We are requesting all the writers
to create a garage account [2] so that their names can be displayed
properly. I hope soon we will also have the possibility to upload
small images (aka hackergotchis) giving the planet a more human touch.

# Application Catalog - downloads.maemo.org

Works as usual, except the link (URL) is rewritten. It will be fixed
next week (DNS update, which -quite frankly- I forgot to request in

# Nokia provided binaries - tablets-dev.nokia.com

A new site has been created to serve the Nokia provided binaries to
our community. We have the tablet OS releases, the SDK rootstraps,
root filesystems, Nokia addon binaries, linux and mac flasher tools at
The old links referring to any of these tools are supposed to work. If
not then please drop me an email.

# lxr, viewcvs

They are coming next week. Update will follow.

# kudos

The list would be pretty long if I started to write down all the names
who participated in this web site renewal action, so let me just do it
First of all many thanks to the Midgard guys [3]. Without their
enthusiasm and professionalism we would be nowhere near this event.
Thanks to TigerT and Quim for the new frontpage design. I agree now
that it was good to delay the launch. The frontpage looks great, and I
also know that it offers us pretty cool dynamic update possibilities.
I hope that everybody got it bookmarked already!
Thanks to the DP crew at Nokia for testing and giving valuable
feedback about the site while it was still under construction. You
guys have been pretty patient with us/me, which also helped a lot!

Last but not least, many thanks to all the friends in the maemo
community. You are constantly giving us ideas, inspiration and energy.
We are planning more services for you. In the following weeks we are
going to publish these plans, so that you could comment them or even
get involved with them.

If you wish to learn more about the web site project please click to
our garage page [3]. We are updating bugs, tasks, feature requests and
plans over there.

On behalf of the website renewal crew I wish you pleasant surfing at maemo.org:

[1] https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=819&group_id=106&atid=457

[2] http://www.midgard-project.org/community/whoswho/

[3] http://garage.maemo.org/projects/maemo2midgard/
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