[maemo-users] Reporting bugs to bugzilla (was RE: URL for flasher?)

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Sat May 5 11:55:09 EEST 2007

> If you are missing something 
> or just come across with a broken link please mail me (ie. no 
> need to file bugs).

Well, as you prefer. Email is simpler to start with but it is indeed
useful that you submit bugs. Oherwise the risk of several people
reporting same problems via email (and having to answer to each at a
time) is higher.

We want to improve bugzilla to make it as simple to use as possible.
itself, see below). In the meantime using it is not that difficult, if
you know where to go and you don't bother about the non-relevant fields.

https://maemo.org/bugzilla/ - registration is needed to avoid spam and
to receive updates about your bugs & feature requests by email.

If you want to submit bugs or feature requests these are the pointers:

website (maemo.org, garage, planet, wiki...)

bugzilla itself is kept in a product apart:

Make sure your bug has not been submitted already by someone else. Broad
keyword search is easy and generally effective. Don't worry if you end
up submitting a dupe, it is always better to be sure. We will deal with

When you submit a bug you have to consider a few important fields, the
rest are just additional:

- Product: there is no way to file a bug without a product assigned. The
links above have already the product defined.

- Component: each product is divided in components, try to file your bug
in the most appropriate.

- Severity: Blocker and Critical imply bugs that break things badly.
Generally Normal or even Minor are ok. Enhancement refers to requests
for improvements and new features.

- Summary: the most important field, try to be specific and explanatory.

- Description: well, no, in fact this is the most important field where
you really need to be specific and explanatory, providing the solution
whenever possible.

Press "Commit" and you are done. If you compare, the effort once you are
used is almost the same as an email but considerably more useful. For
you and for the responsible of fixing your bug.


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