[maemo-users] Accuracy of the power meter?

From: Theodore Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Date: Tue May 8 01:56:44 EEST 2007
I've been noticing that I don't get anywhere near the promised "10 days
idle" battery life on my N800.  With bluetooth and the wireless turned
off (offline mode), and with the display off and keys/touchscreen
locked, I'm getting at best 8-10 hours of idle time before the battery
is completely drained.  

I have two theories why at this point.  The first is that the battery
has gone south, even though it I've only had the N800 for about a month
or os.  The second is that I'm running off a 2gig flash card as my root
filesystem instead of the internal flash, per the instructions given in
the Maemo wiki.  That's a distinct possibility, although I don't see how
the flash card could be pulling so much current when the system is an
idle state.

Has anyone seen anything like this or any thoughts about why I might be
seeing this?


						- Ted

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