[maemo-users] Accuracy of the power meter?

From: Mike Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Tue May 8 06:25:56 EEST 2007
> I've been noticing that I don't get anywhere near the promised "10 days
> idle" battery life on my N800.  With bluetooth and the wireless turned
> off (offline mode), and with the display off and keys/touchscreen
> locked, I'm getting at best 8-10 hours of idle time before the battery
> is completely drained.  

That's definitely weird.  I don't get 10 days between charges, but then 
my N800 is never idle for 10 days at a time.  I commonly run 3 days 
between charges, though, and I'm a fairly active user.

> I have two theories why at this point.  The first is that the battery
> has gone south, even though it I've only had the N800 for about a month
> or os.  The second is that I'm running off a 2gig flash card as my root
> filesystem instead of the internal flash, per the instructions given in
> the Maemo wiki.

I don't do this.  If you don't get a more helpful response, I would run 
with a stock fs and no applications installed for a day (no fun, but an 
important troubleshooting step if you're not sure where the problem 
lies).  If you still have low standby life in offline/screenlocked mode 
then you definitely have hardware issues.  If not, then you can start 
introducing variables in a controlled way until you pin down the rogue 
config/app that's killing your battery life.  Please report back so 
others can learn as well.


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