[maemo-users] Instant on Loading

From: Alan Williamson alan at blog-city.com
Date: Tue May 8 22:04:34 EEST 2007
Speaking of the field, the instant on has been interesting.  I have 
found myself sitting idly in the car waiting for my wife as she pops 
into the shops for various stuff.

fire up the N800, and jump on to an available wireless connection that 
some poor soul has left completely wide open to let the N800 get its RSS 
fix!  I can be in and out in the under the minute!!!

randall.arnold at nokia.com wrote:
> You reminded me of something.  Verizon guys came over last week to hook 
> up a new fiber optic based internet/phone/TV system to my house (very 
> nice, very fast).  When they were done the PC couldn't immediately 
> connect to the new router and when I was unable to reset the IP I 
> realized I needed to reboot it, which would take a few minutes.  
> However, I didn't really need the PC to test it, did I?  Not when I 
> could fire up the N800 in far less time and connect almost instantly!  
> Sure enough, I could get on the internet right away.  The Verizon techs 
> were stunned.  As they left all they could talk about was getting a hold 
> of N800s and using them in the field.  Now, if only Nokia would get 
> behind such corporate uses (hint hint, fellow employees...)

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