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From: randall.arnold at nokia.com randall.arnold at nokia.com
Date: Tue May 8 22:32:38 EEST 2007
I sat down for supper one night in CiCi's pizza (a chain in the US) and
wondered if they had wifi.  They sure did, and protected by a 5-charcter
password only.  On a lark, I entered "cicis"-- got me right in.  But,
yeah, I drive around sometimes with my N800 beside me periodically
looking for access points, and at any given time I can easily find a
half-dozen in range, unlocked.

Randall (Randy) Arnold
Quality Feedback Analyst


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>Speaking of the field, the instant on has been interesting.  I 
>have found myself sitting idly in the car waiting for my wife 
>as she pops into the shops for various stuff.
>fire up the N800, and jump on to an available wireless 
>connection that some poor soul has left completely wide open 
>to let the N800 get its RSS fix!  I can be in and out in the 
>under the minute!!!
>randall.arnold at nokia.com wrote:
>> You reminded me of something.  Verizon guys came over last week to 
>> hook up a new fiber optic based internet/phone/TV system to my house 
>> (very nice, very fast).  When they were done the PC couldn't 
>> immediately connect to the new router and when I was unable to reset 
>> the IP I realized I needed to reboot it, which would take a 
>few minutes.
>> However, I didn't really need the PC to test it, did I?  Not when I 
>> could fire up the N800 in far less time and connect almost instantly!
>> Sure enough, I could get on the internet right away.  The Verizon 
>> techs were stunned.  As they left all they could talk about was 
>> getting a hold of N800s and using them in the field.  Now, if only 
>> Nokia would get behind such corporate uses (hint hint, fellow 
>> employees...)
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