[maemo-users] N800 - navigationkit

From: Michel Brabants michel.brabants at euphonynet.be
Date: Thu May 10 05:27:04 EEST 2007

I got the navigationkit today. It seems ok. For people who are interested, 
there is a "map face North"-choice. Just select the generic menu (the 
menu-button) and it is located along the options 3D and flat(?).

Anyway, everything seems to be nice. One really annoying thing is that it 
can't calculate cross-border routes seemingly. I live very close to the 
border and I pass it more than 1 time a year ... Tomorrow I'm going to France 
and somebody else is going to take his tomtom with him. I would like to try 
out the navicore-software on the N800, but untill the border of France, it 
may be the tomtom ... It's just much easier to just give in your destination, 
then a border-location ... This is one thing I would like to see an update 
for ... For the rest, I have to see, but it looks ok.


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