[maemo-users] N800 - navigationkit

From: Paul Johnson paul at pjcj.net
Date: Fri May 11 01:51:17 EEST 2007
On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 04:27:04AM +0200, Michel Brabants wrote:

> I got the navigationkit today. It seems ok. For people who are interested, 
> there is a "map face North"-choice. Just select the generic menu (the 
> menu-button) and it is located along the options 3D and flat(?).
> Anyway, everything seems to be nice. One really annoying thing is that it 
> can't calculate cross-border routes seemingly. I live very close to the 
> border and I pass it more than 1 time a year ... Tomorrow I'm going to France 
> and somebody else is going to take his tomtom with him.

This is my biggest gripe too.  The first route I tried was to Basel
airport, which is just in France.  It kept calculating the route until
it got 4km away, then gave up.  I finally discovered that it couldn't
route across map boundaries.

>                                                         I would like to try 
> out the navicore-software on the N800, but untill the border of France, it 
> may be the tomtom ... It's just much easier to just give in your destination, 
> then a border-location ...

Yes.  The only workaround I have found is to plan your route to the
border, then at the border change the map and plan a new route.  Not
particularly satisfactory.

>                            This is one thing I would like to see an update 
> for ... For the rest, I have to see, but it looks ok.

I suspect they have coded themselves into a corner here and it won't be
easy.  Either that or there are memory limitations or something.  But I
would really like a fix for this too.  Living near a border makes the
current limitation really painful.  Especially when other systems can
manage to route across borders without problem.

I've not found it too bad otherwise.  There are problems, to be sure.
The speed camera problem has already been mentioned.  I really don't
care if there are speed cameras on a nearby road.  I only care if I'm
going to go past one that's pointing my way.  And it would be nice to
know what the speed limit is all the time, not just where there is a

And when I'm not on a road it knows about, why can't it assume I'm going
to go to the nearest road instead of just complaining and telling me to
drive closer to a road?

My wife would like a way to have it repeat the last spoken instructions,
and to say the name of the roads you need to turn onto.

And it's not too easy to use whilst you are driving.  Changing the main
volume or brightness is rather tricky.  And it probably does need to be
plugged into some external sound system to really hear it well.

So, in general, I think it's reasonable, but could have been much

I'm still deciding whether to keep it or not, though I suspect I
probably will mainly because after all the hassle of eventually managing
to get Nokia to deign to let me buy something from them (I eventually
had to get a friend to buy it for me) I really can't be bothered with
the extra hassle of sending it back and getting something else.

Paul Johnson - paul at pjcj.net

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