[maemo-users] Blinking backlight and no sound

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Sep 3 13:42:26 EEST 2007

ext Ryan Campbell wrote:
> On 1-Sep-07, at 11:07 AM, Brian Litzinger wrote:
>> My N800 sits on my desk and has all its life.  I do no carry it
>> around with me.  It is always plugged into the AC.
>> This morning the backlight was blinking every 5 to 10 seconds and
>> the audio seems to be gone.

Did you see the UI still, it's not e.g. rebooting, say every 6 seconds?

>> I power cycled it.  While it was off it showed a blinking white  
>> screen.
>> During power on it blinked and its still blinking and the sound it
>> still gone.

Which release do you have?

>> When I used the media player to play an mp3 it reports
>>    Unable to perform the operation. Try again

Do you have any extra software installed?

(this could be D-BUS related, earlier Avahi, a Canola dependency,
was causing this kind of problems, but Avahi should be now fixed)

>> Has anyone else run into this?
>> Removing the battery and then re-inserting brings everything back.
>> -- 
>> Brian Litzinger
>> _______________________________________________
> That  sounds a lot like a problem I had about a month ago.
> The N800 was left charging overnight like usual, and when waking it  
> up in the morning I encountered the same blinking backlight. I did  
> not play with it long enough to try to play an mp3, I just reflashed  
> the device and it was back to normal.

Did you also keep it long periods in the charger?

> I can't remember if I tried taking the battery out or not.
> My girlfriend is also currently experiencing the same problem, but as  
> she is off in europe right now I have not been able to look into it  
> much.
> Any idea what the problem could be? Bad battery connection, maybe?  
> But that doesn't explain why reflashing my device fixed it.

Device stores some state that persists over reboot, there might
be something that is cleared only when battery is removed (maybe
something related to battery management?).

	- Eero

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