[maemo-users] n800 booting mmc2 partition provides no root privileges.

From: jerry f stutte jfstut at charter.net
Date: Sat Sep 8 19:38:51 EEST 2007
referring to Digest Vol 29, Issue 8 topic 3.

I re flashed the latest kernel once again on my n800 (for the second time)!

As Frantisek pointed out this would probably not acomplish anything.

Once again the when booting from the internal flash the device gives me 
root privileges from an xterm;

and my wireless connection works fine when booting from flash.

However when I boot from the mmc2 partition, I no longer have root 
privileges from an xterminal, nor does the wireless G internet 
connection work.

As stated I run the device in R&D mode.

I am guessing the problem has something to do with the initfs code when 
booting from the mmc2 partition.

I have never had this problem before when using the dual boot page.

The major differences I can speculate on between the last rebuild on the 
device and this one is,

the latest kernel installed.

the latest initflash install.

and the class 6 SDHC card I am using.

Is it possible that the code provided in the latest kernel's initflash 
code in conjunction with the class 6 sdhc card is some how bypassing  
the  lines of code necessary for root privilege when booting from the 
mmc2 partition?  My previous cards were class 4

I do not have a copy of the previous builds initfs code laying around to 

I just find it peculiar that when booting the mmc2 partition I loose my 

If anyone can shed some light on the matter I would appreciate it.  I 
really hate to use up flash space on applications with 16 gigs of space 
being under utilized.

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