[maemo-users] iphone "apps" on the N800

From: ed edjusted at layerblue.net
Date: Sat Sep 8 11:01:32 EEST 2007
Actually, I've tried a few more sites, and yeah, you're right, some of the
more heavily AJAX'd sites don't work. I checked out some of the "iphone
specific" iphone-ized sites/webapps on iphoneapps.cnet.com and these seem
to work fine:

facebook, brickshooter, sudoku, digg, countdown timer, tip
 calculator, iphlickr, appmarks, mojits

I especially like how iphlickr's interface gives you the iphone "feel".
Appmarks is pretty neat, and it makes my Nokia look a bit like an iphone,
but it's super slow. Mojits works better as an iphone apps launcher.

I should also mention that I'm running the Mozilla browser.

So I was really off about the compatibility, but I still think it's an
interesting idea. The nice thing about the N800 is you'd have the best of
both worlds: "real" apps *and* web/iphone apps. Of course the down side is
you gotta have wi-fi access. Still, it might be an interesting direction
for some developers to try out. At the very least, I'm digging the
iphone-ized web sites 'cause they fit my browser window so well!

At 10:36 PM -0700 9/7/07, Jayesh Salvi wrote:
>On 9/7/07, ed <<mailto:edjusted at layerblue.net>edjusted at layerblue.net> wrote:
>I just had a "duh" moment...maybe it's already obvious to everyone but me:
>since iphone 3rd party apps are just web sites, most of them should be
>compatible with the N800!
>But for that, the browser should support complex javascript execution. I
>don't know about N800, but on my N770 I can't reliably open google
>websites that use heavy AJAX (maps/regular view of gmail/google reader,
>etc.) I am using stock N770.
>Does anyone have experience with safari's javascript support on iPhone?
>The biggest problem I've come across so far is that some of the "apps"
>I've tried are set up for vertical vs. horizontal viewing. I don't suppose
>anyone could come up with a hack to let the N800's view web sites rotated
>90 degrees?
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