[maemo-users] iphone "apps" on the N800

From: Jayesh Salvi jayesh at altfrequency.com
Date: Sat Sep 8 08:36:36 EEST 2007
On 9/7/07, ed <edjusted at layerblue.net> wrote:
> I just had a "duh" moment...maybe it's already obvious to everyone but me:
> since iphone 3rd party apps are just web sites, most of them should be
> compatible with the N800!

But for that, the browser should support complex javascript execution. I
don't know about N800, but on my N770 I can't reliably open google websites
that use heavy AJAX (maps/regular view of gmail/google reader, etc.) I am
using stock N770.

Does anyone have experience with safari's javascript support on iPhone?

The biggest problem I've come across so far is that some of the "apps" I've
> tried are set up for vertical vs. horizontal viewing. I don't suppose anyone
> could come up with a hack to let the N800's view web sites rotated 90
> degrees?
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