[maemo-users] Canola never finds any media

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Sep 10 11:36:44 EEST 2007

ext Steve Yelvington wrote:
> The problem is not with Canola per se, but rather with the overall 
> sloppy condition of the Maemo repositories, both on maemo.org and on 
> other sites.
> Software often depends on other packages not in the same repository, and 
> that's not documented or handled in any graceful way. So long as you 
> stick to the three or four official Nokia applications, you're fine. As 
> soon as you try to install anything you find listed on maemo.org, you're 
> venturing into dangerous territory.
> Trying to install Doom will muck up your entire system, as Application 
> Manager will no longer be able to update repositories.
> I just reflashed, and the first app from maemo.org I tried to install 
> was the kagu media player. Can't do it. Application packages missing: 
> libsdl-ttf, libgdbm3, libcurses5, libreadline4.
> Where are they? No telling, but they're not in the repository specified 
> in the .install file (maemo extras). My bet is that they're in 
> maemo-hackers, but Application Manager can't figure that out. Nor should 
> it have to.

Developer can check that with "apt-cache policy <packagename>".

They can also check which packages are installed into which release
by default (these change a bit) from the package lists at Maemo site.

> This is particularly difficult for developers to handle because they're 
> developing on machines that are all tricked out with extra libraries and 
> -- here's the real problem -- they have to /know/ where those libraries 
> came from.

The SDK rootstrap is a "problematic" because it's intended for building
application.  It can be used to do (some) testing also, but _real_
testing has to be done on the device (installation dependencies, memory
usage and performance etc).  I hope SDK offers at some point a complete
PC emulation environment which has all and only the software packages
available on the target device, but currently it offers only build
environment and partial test environment.

> None of the Linux application installation toolkits (on any platform) is 
> particularly good at helping you figure that stuff out. So when a 
> package gets built, critical details like these get dropped on the floor.
> The answer might be "more testing," but bugzilla isn't a warm and 
> friendly way to invite new users to submit issues. If my bugzilla 
> password ever arrives in email, I'll be long gone onto another project 
> and will have forgotten the bug I wanted to report.

	- Eero

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