[maemo-users] Not able to install modest (and other applications) again

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Thu Aug 14 11:54:05 EEST 2008
Christer Eliasson schrieb:
> Try enabling red pill mode to reinstall those applications.
It's not possible to find the applications in application manager with
red pill mode too.
> But what i would do in your situation is actually doing a backup of
> documents and such (NOT installed applications)
> and do a reflash.
> After that install the new update
> and after that install the other apps you need.
Yes I'll do it... again. An i hope this time I'll be able to get a
version which i can backup as an basic system.

It's costs some time to reflash, istall bootmenu, reflash kernel (48Mhz
support), arrange all the applications in startmenu / personalmenu /
install voip-account / im-accounts / ... / install all the third party
applications and so on. I know I could reuse a lot the stuff stored in
the home directory. But which stuff? I'll have to look. All in all it's
*not* a *short time* I need to set up the tablet again and again and its
very frustrating that in diablo tot the answer to some strange problems
is only flashing the tablet again. (It's the second time in 2 month)

However, the bug in modest is fixed and so I'm looking forward to a new,
better and more stable installation :-)

Thanks for your tips, ciao Uwe

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