[maemo-users] Not able to install modest (and other applications) again

From: Christer Eliasson eliasson.christer at gmail.com
Date: Thu Aug 14 22:16:35 EEST 2008
Well if i where you i would start making regular backups of the entire  
machine incase this happens again for you.

A few pointers though. DONT install modest as a package

Since its included in the new update, incase you missed that.

your Home directory will get blanked during the reflash.  Unless you  
have mounted a flashcard as a home directory

If you read up some Linux scripting those backup tasks could be done  
quite easily using cli commands.


14 aug 2008 kl. 10.54 skrev Uwe Kaminski:

> Christer Eliasson schrieb:
>> Try enabling red pill mode to reinstall those applications.
> It's not possible to find the applications in application manager with
> red pill mode too.
>> But what i would do in your situation is actually doing a backup of
>> documents and such (NOT installed applications)
>> and do a reflash.
>> After that install the new update
>> and after that install the other apps you need.
> Yes I'll do it... again. An i hope this time I'll be able to get a
> version which i can backup as an basic system.
> It's costs some time to reflash, istall bootmenu, reflash kernel  
> (48Mhz
> support), arrange all the applications in startmenu / personalmenu /
> install voip-account / im-accounts / ... / install all the third party
> applications and so on. I know I could reuse a lot the stuff stored in
> the home directory. But which stuff? I'll have to look. All in all  
> it's
> *not* a *short time* I need to set up the tablet again and again and  
> its
> very frustrating that in diablo tot the answer to some strange  
> problems
> is only flashing the tablet again. (It's the second time in 2 month)
> However, the bug in modest is fixed and so I'm looking forward to a  
> new,
> better and more stable installation :-)
> Thanks for your tips, ciao Uwe

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