[maemo-users] modest does not update newmail in imap folder

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 19 03:08:56 EEST 2008
> Ah, good point; we use tinymail, and I think the unread count is a 
> function of the headers/messages that are actually on the device, not
> of the output of STATUS. For technical reasons, it seems easier to
> keep those in sync. Might be a nice future enhancement to support
> STATUS as well.
>>> Usually, new mail will finds its way to the INBOX, so that
>>> shouldn't be a problem in most cases.
>> It is if you filter server side.
> Yup.

Just a quick 'me too' point to note that Rainer isn't the only person 
doing server-side filtering.  The STATUS enhancement would be quite 
helpful to me as well.

Additionally, folks using client-side filtering are likely to be bitten 
by this occasionally, but not often enough to figure out why.  Anytime a 
desktop/laptop mail client checks mail and filters it to a folder, but 
the user doesn't immediately read it... those folders won't be listed as 
containing unread messages when the user next checks mail in Modest.

Mike Lococo

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