[maemo-users] modest does not update newmail in imap folder

From: Giacomo Tufano gt at iltofa.it
Date: Tue Aug 19 10:14:55 EEST 2008
Il giorno 19/ago/08, alle ore 02:08, Mike Lococo ha scritto:

>> Additionally, folks using client-side filtering are likely to be  
>> bitten
> by this occasionally, but not often enough to figure out why.   
> Anytime a
> desktop/laptop mail client checks mail and filters it to a folder, but
> the user doesn't immediately read it... those folders won't be  
> listed as
> containing unread messages when the user next checks mail in Modest.

I was bitten by this one with Alpine. I solved on Alpine changing the  
meaning of "new message" from having the "recent" flag set to having  
the "unread" on set. The "simple" UI of Modest do not permit that  
(correctly) but that could be changed, because for a "normal user"  
"New" means "Unread" not "recent", IMHO.


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