[maemo-users] Two Updates with Issues

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Mon Dec 15 07:41:54 EET 2008
My apologies as I haven't gone in and checked the bug reports; just haven't
had the time.  So here's a quick e-mail on two:

1.  x11vnc - the version I'm running is .9.3-1 and it works.  There is an
update (I'm running Diablo latest release) .9.3-4.  I've installed this
update and as soon as I do I get an error on screen.  Go back to .0.3-1 - no
problems.  I've tried rebooting with -4 and it just doesn't work.

2.  I was notified this past weekend that gpe updates were available;
however, none install (well, that's not entirely correct - calendar,
contacts, and to-do do not install saying that summary isn't installed).  I
installed summary and even rebooted without success.

So, quick question on each - is anyone else having these problems?  I'm on a
tight release schedule so haven't had time to check but hope to have some
free time sometime this week.


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