[maemo-users] Two Updates with Issues

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Mon Dec 15 12:27:48 EET 2008
On Monday 15 December 2008 05:41:54 Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:

> 2.  I was notified this past weekend that gpe updates were available;
> however, none install (well, that's not entirely correct - calendar,
> contacts, and to-do do not install saying that summary isn't installed).  I
> installed summary and even rebooted without success.


I am testing a possible update to the GPE Beta although, as you have spotted, 
it doesn't work yet.  I will announce in ITT when it is ready for people to 

extras-devel is a testing ground.  It is very useful for developers to have 
extras-devel enabled and to occasionally install updates in order to make 
sure things do not conflict, etc.  However, I strongly recommend that anyone 
who runs with extras-devel enabled does NOT install random updates to 
packages just because they become available.  Only install them if:

1) You know what the update is and want to test it out.  For example, you have 
seen a GPE Beta announcement and decide to participate.

2) It has been around for a while and seems reasonably stable and you can 
afford the risk if it turns out to be broken.  That means not "on a tight 
release schedule"!

Also be aware that if you install something from extras-devel then, although 
the developer probably welcomes bug reports, you can't necessarily expect any 
support!  That means you probably have to consider yourself a "power user" 
(as you are, Nick).

Anyone who can't resist the temptation to install shiny new things that pop up 
in extras-devel should probably run with it disabled and only enable it when 
they need it :-)


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