[maemo-users] Flashing and flashing the tablet

From: COURTAUD Didier didier.courtaud at cea.fr
Date: Wed Dec 17 15:59:22 EET 2008
I am tired on flasing my tablet every week.

Since the last release of Diablo, the system seems to be very unstable.

One week ago, my tablet stopped working being unable to reboot ( the status line at the bottom stops at 3/4 and the lamp at the top
left lights up ).

I reflashed my tablet with the last available image, redo the two updates of Diablo and reinstall all my apps and data.

Eveything worked fine until today where the answers of the operaring system seems "strange".

I have asked for a reboot ( typing reboot as root in an xterm ) and now once again, the tablet does not want to reboot !

Is there a way to trap the log of what is wrong at boot time in oreder to correct it unstaead of flashing once again ?

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