[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: Lake Stevens Dental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Sun Dec 21 21:02:22 EET 2008
Matt Emson wrote:
>   I can't agree with your comments ont he keyboard. The N800 on screen 
> is extremely flakey and the layout is really annoying. I've played 
> with a few iphones and found the onscreen far more precise and less 
> prone to odd results. The entire Chinook line and first Diablo release 
> was almost impossile to type with. I got constantly doubled 
> characters. It seems to have improved witht he second and third Diablo 
> release tho.
To each his own on the keyboard layout.  I'm a stylus user on the n800.  
In the here and now (like anyone really cares about the hassles of those 
who use outdates OSs), I've not had much double typing issues with the 
n800 with the stylus.  The Itouch appears to use a heat sensitive 
screen, which means you can't use a stylus --  You've got to use your 
chubby fingers. It is more sensitive than the n800.  Double keys don't 
seem to be an issue on the Itouch as much as getting the key you want.  
Like most anything, one's 'accuracy' seems to improve with time.  It may 
be this is the reason the n800 double strokes have improved.  

> Not true. I don't own one, but I know there are apps that will make 
> the ipod touch (not itouch) or iphone look like a file share on the 
> wireless network and transfer files. There's even a free one. This was 
> a question that came up on the last MacCast, so check that podcast out 
> for more info.

They are surely ways, if you break the 'lock' on the Touch OS.  Also, 
the Touch doesn't have bluetooth (so far as I know).  If you're dealing 
with a Bluetooth phone, file transfers are probably a given.    If there 
is an Apple approved file manager/wireless transfer app for the Touch, 
it's not included in the generic release or not readily findable. 

There may be a free file transfer app in the Apple App store.  It seems 
there's a conscious decision to require users to have to visit it often 
for this and that -- the marketeers assumption is that you'll soon break 
down and start buying things.  With lots of apps costing less than a 
Starbucks, it's probably a good strategy for Apple and their numerous 
>> I also occasionally have used my n800 to help show patients xRays on 
>> my n800 via remote viewing of one of the clinic PCs. Nothing like 
>> that is available on the Touch.  RDP is available IIRC. VNC is too.
You could be correct about there being something like this for the Touch 
in the Apple Store, or it could be an 'outside' app that requires 
breaking the 'lock'.  The Touch obviously has a capable computer under 
it's hood.  It's just not set up to give the impression of being able to 
open the hood...   There are hacks available, if you're into that sort 
of thing...

  BTW, there is one other thing I've noted about Safari and web pages on 
the Touch.  It seems to store pages offline so that when you click to 
load one of these pages, the page loads very quickly, instead of being 
dragged down off the web after all of the web connections are 
established.  IMHO, this would be a nice feature for the n800's browser 
to have, at least as a default option.  
>> This is entirely the reason not to bother comparing anything but the 
>> N800 without hacking or changing of "out of the box" purpose.
Agreed.  It's interesting to have two somewhat similar products.  The 
Touch approaches "the market at large" from the proprietary perspective, 
while the N800 approaches the "market at large" from the open source 
perspective.   Both could learn a bit from each other.   One thing I 
didn't mention about the Touch is how the more you use it, the more you 
may wish it was an Iphone, or one of the many clones that are filling 
the marketplace.   It would be nice to not have to be tethered to wifi 
to get all of it's features. 

Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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