[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: kenneth marken kemarken at broadpark.no
Date: Sun Dec 21 22:23:42 EET 2008
Lake Stevens Dental wrote:
> Matt Emson wrote:
>>   I can't agree with your comments ont he keyboard. The N800 on screen 
>> is extremely flakey and the layout is really annoying. I've played 
>> with a few iphones and found the onscreen far more precise and less 
>> prone to odd results. The entire Chinook line and first Diablo release 
>> was almost impossile to type with. I got constantly doubled 
>> characters. It seems to have improved witht he second and third Diablo 
>> release tho.
> To each his own on the keyboard layout.  I'm a stylus user on the n800.  
> In the here and now (like anyone really cares about the hassles of those 
> who use outdates OSs), I've not had much double typing issues with the 
> n800 with the stylus.  The Itouch appears to use a heat sensitive 
> screen, which means you can't use a stylus --  You've got to use your 
> chubby fingers. It is more sensitive than the n800.  Double keys don't 
> seem to be an issue on the Itouch as much as getting the key you want.  
> Like most anything, one's 'accuracy' seems to improve with time.  It may 
> be this is the reason the n800 double strokes have improved.  
more correctly the itouch uses a capacitive screen that reacts to the 
change in voltage when skin, or something with similar conductivity, 
comes into contact or very near.

this then allows the ease of gesturing and other stuff we see in the 
interface of said device, as one do not have to maintain a minimum level 
of pressure on the surface of the screen. said requirements on resistive 
screens, like whats used everywhere else, means that one invoke the 
surface resistance of the finger, the very thing that allows one to hold 
onto something like a glass of water or other apparently smooth surface.

im guessing, but i suspect that the double-press of the tablet screen 
comes from issues with registering no pressure. that is, if you suddenly 
have a drop in pressure followed by a increase, it may register that as 
two presses when it was just a movement of the finger or something of 
that nature.

i would say that the single clever trick they did on the device, and its 
relative, was the selection of said screen.

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