[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: Jerry Van Baren gvb.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Dec 23 04:36:45 EET 2008
lakestevensdental wrote:
> Matt Emson wrote:
>>  I've never owned a music player other than an  
>> iPod, so maybe things would be different in that case.
> One huge downside of  both the Ipod AND n8xx series is neither plays wma 
> digital rights audio books.  Our local library has just started to offer 
> mp3 audio books for download, but there are so many fewer books offered 
> in mp3.
>  Sansa's e2x0 series really does audiobooks and basic music quite 
> well.   A refurb 8g runs $50 or so.  Unlike the Ipod, you can access it 
> like a hard drive from a file manager.  Fine print, digital rights audio 
> books require transfers via either Window Media player or Overdrive 
> audio book software. 
> Always, Fred C

...and two more proprietary formats (programs), one of which is 
controlled by Microsoft, the avowed enemy of linux.

It sounds like your usage needs don't match open source software.  There 
is nothing wrong with that, but expecting proprietary software to 
magically work on linux without the support of the companies that own 
that proprietary software is unrealistic.

In my case I've owned (Palm) Pilots for years (Pilot 5000, III, V, Sony, 
E2).  I got tired of not owning my data (locked into proprietary formats 
only understood by proprietary programs, inaccessible from linux).  I 
decided my E2 was the last locked-in PDA that I would own.

When my E2 wore out, I bought a N800 and love it.  On the other hand, my 
usage pattern is quite different than my friends that own iPhones and 
iPods.  I do things on my N800 that they cannot do and vice versa.  I 
don't plan on ever going back to a proprietary platform 
(Pilot/Apple/Microsoft/whatever).  They don't plan to buy linux-based 
PDAs/tablets.  <shrugs>

Best regards,

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