[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Wed Dec 24 01:42:17 EET 2008
> lakestevensdental wrote:
>>   neither plays wma digital rights audio books.  Our local library 
>> has just started to offer mp3 audio books for download, but there are 
>> so many fewer books offered in mp3.
>>  Sansa's e2x0 series really does audiobooks and basic music quite 
>> well.   A refurb 8g runs $50 or so.  Unlike the Ipod, you can access 
>> it like a hard drive from a file manager.  Fine print, digital rights 
>> audio books require transfers via either Window Media player or 
>> Overdrive audio book software.
> ...and two more proprietary formats (programs), one of which is 
> controlled by Microsoft, the avowed enemy of linux.
> It sounds like your usage needs don't match open source software.  
> There is nothing wrong with that, but expecting proprietary software 
> to magically work on linux without the support of the companies that 
> own that proprietary software is unrealistic. 
  I don't expect my tablet (or Itouch) to play my audio books.  The 
Sansa player is sooo much smaller and better suited for audiobooks than 
the Touch or tablet.  It's also good for tunes when skiing.  Just don't 
wear it while playing keeper, listening to tunes, while your son takes 
potshots at the cage.   The right smash to the chest and the audio cable 
connection gets messed up.  It was one of those 'learning' 
experiences...   I don't think any of these smaller devices have stereo 
bluetooth headset hookups. 

Always, Fred C

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