[maemo-users] Alarm setting

From: Jerry Van Baren gvb.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Dec 30 13:58:33 EET 2008
Denis Dimick wrote:
> Hugo,
> It looks like I did something to screw up the settings, clock is not an 
> option. I tried to re-install osso-clock, and osso-clock-data, however, 
> apt-get is reporting it's already installed. I tried to do a restore 
> from an older backup and Clock did not reappear on the Applets screen.
> I had in the past installed Cairo Clock, however, I don't think this 
> would have deleted the default clock.
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Denis

Hi Denis,

I'm assuming you have ssh access to your n8xx... ssh in and use the 
--reinstall option:
   apt-get install --reinstall osso-clock osso-clock-data

If you need to use a bigger hammer, remove and re-install it:
   apt-get remove --purge osso-clock osso-clock-data
(the purge to remove all associated data) to remove it and then 
re-install it.


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