[maemo-users] Getting a N810 abroad

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Feb 3 23:04:46 EET 2008
Erik Hovland wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 07:05:24PM +0100, Michael Flaig wrote:
>> Hi,
>> remember, european prices contain taxes (16% in germany), us prices
>> don't (afaik)
> When you look at the pricegrabber page for the N810, it lists the sales
> tax (or lack there of). So when Amazon is selling it for 419USD. That
> is what one pays. 
But when you import it from outside the EU, your EU entry-point Customs 
may randomly check it, and charge you VAT on the invoice amount.

> The only penalty I can think of is that your credit
> card will do a USD to EUR conversion that may not be beneficial (but is
> still usually better then the cash conversion). Even the Dell price,
> with sales tax is 457USD.
> And no, I do not know why there is such a large price differential
> (except for EU taxes). For once, I like being on the right side of
> that difference
It's usually because American companies (wrongly) claim and believe that 
Europeans have more disposable income than Americans, when in fact the 
opposite is the case. In fact, the historic price differential was down 
to Europeans simply not knowing the comparative value of goods because 
the choice was so poor. Not so nowadays, but the myth persists.


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