[maemo-users] Getting a N810 abroad

From: Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Date: Mon Feb 4 05:52:54 EET 2008
On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 09:04:46PM +0000, Peter Flynn wrote:
> > When you look at the pricegrabber page for the N810, it lists the sales
> > tax (or lack there of). So when Amazon is selling it for 419USD. That
> > is what one pays. 
> But when you import it from outside the EU, your EU entry-point Customs 
> may randomly check it, and charge you VAT on the invoice amount.

Sure. But the original poster was talking about being in the US on a
business trip. So they could easily just hand carry the device and have
Customs be none the wiser.

> > And no, I do not know why there is such a large price differential
> > (except for EU taxes). For once, I like being on the right side of
> > that difference
> It's usually because American companies (wrongly) claim and believe that 
> Europeans have more disposable income than Americans, when in fact the 
> opposite is the case. In fact, the historic price differential was down 
> to Europeans simply not knowing the comparative value of goods because 
> the choice was so poor. Not so nowadays, but the myth persists.

In this case it is a European company that is perpetuating the myth. But
US companies like Apple are definitely showing the same pricing
differential on their products.


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