[maemo-users] Suggestion

From: Iñigo Illán Aranburu kodeport at terra.es
Date: Thu Feb 7 02:53:04 EET 2008
Just received my new N810, I must say it looks wonderful.

I would like to suggest a feature, to be added for the hardware keyboard
on the n810. And I say for, because it's a thing it can be done in
software I think. This night I was just sitting in my bedroom with
lights off, but when trying to write through a textbox, etc... I found
myself trying desperately figure out what key I was touching. So, as we
have a light sensor, why don't use it for the keyboard, and when going
focusing a textbox, or whatever, just light the hardware keyboard
automagically, like suggesting: press me, please! It definitely would
make my life easier!

Just my 5 cents

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