[maemo-users] tetex-extra package conflicts

From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind qobi at purdue.edu
Date: Fri Feb 8 05:48:13 EET 2008
I'm running OS2008 on an N810 from:

  ./flasher-3.0 -F RX-44_2008SE_1.2007.42-18_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f -R

I added the repository from steps 1-5 in the Installation section of:


I enabled red pill mode.

I tried to install tetex-extra and I get:

   tetex-extra conflicts with debconf 1.4.70.osso2
			      sed 4.1.2-8
			      coreutils 5.2.1-2osso1
			      debianutils 2.17

Anybody know a workaround?

    Jeff (http://www.ece.purdue.edu/~qobi)

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