[maemo-users] ctrl-e

From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind qobi at purdue.edu
Date: Sun Feb 10 05:37:53 EET 2008
   I tried:

   % gconftool --unset /apps/osso/keybindings/global/osso-global-search 


   % gconftool -u /apps/osso/keybindings/global/osso-global-search

   both as user and as root and while it doesn't report any error, it doesn't
   remove the key.

   % gconftool --get /apps/osso/keybindings/global/osso-global-search 

   still reports


   and ctrl-e still brings up the search menu.

OK. I figured it out. You need to do:

% gconftool --set /apps/osso/keybindings/global/osso-global-search --type string disabled

    Jeff (http://www.ece.purdue.edu/~qobi)

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