[maemo-users] LCARS themes for ITOS2008

From: Ian ian at synthesize.us
Date: Mon Feb 11 02:40:24 EET 2008
LCARS v4.0 has been released:

Please be sure to read the release notes on the site before installing.

We also put together a how-to, for anyone interested in modifying the  

     * Works on ITOS2008 (Maemo 4.0) only
     * Built with hildon-theme-tools
         * With patched hildon-theme-layout-4 (there is another  
changelog in the patch)
     * Most graphics recreated in SVG with Inkscape
     * Added black outlines to desktop applets, menus, dialogs, etc.
     * Updated desktop applets (with transparency)
     * Most icons are now themed properly, rather than diverted
     * Unthemeable files now have their own package (lcars-extras)
     * Replaced Nokia Hands startup graphic (lcars-extras)
     * New search applet for memory-alpha.org (search-memory-alpha)
     * Activated toolbar animations
     * Set color of text insertion cursor
     * Worked around text color issue in the browser (Maemo bug 1825)

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