[maemo-users] Flashing without usb port

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Mon Feb 11 11:41:47 EET 2008
del pes wrote:
> Is tehere any way to flash n800 without a usb connection?
> My usb port has broken and I would like to install os2008...
> Some friends proposed the possibility via bluetooth or SD card but I haven't found any informarion.
> What do you think?

Yes, you can flash safely everything except bootloader, which may be 
enough for getting OS2008 running.  You need to extract firmware .bin 
image via commandline Nokia (linux) flasher (flasher-3.0 -u -F 
<fwname>.bin) and then flash kernel, initfs and rootfs images separately 
via mtd-utils or kernel and initfs flasher here 
http://fanoush.wz.cz/maemo/ . But first you need to boot from mmc so you 
can reflash rootfs. Of course you can't flash it while you booted from 
it at the same time.

Or check also http://www.nopcode.org/0xFFFF/ this may flash .bin 
firmware as is without extracting it (haven't tried). But still you need 
to boot from mmc first or at least use bootmenu and boot to usb network 
recovery mode. I guess static build of 0xFFFF would be useful for this. 
Then you could mount mmc card with firmware and flash device via 0xFFFF 
in telnet or ssh session when logged in over usb.

So to sum it up - it is possible but it needs a lot of hacking so it is 
definitely not for linux newbies.

Also bad thing is that when you make one mistake you end up with device 
that does not boot and have no way to fix it.


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