[maemo-users] booting a 16GB SDHC on n800,

From: Son Le tua24348 at temple.edu
Date: Fri Feb 15 08:24:21 EET 2008
My name is Son and I came across this website: 
http://www.thisweekinnuclear.com/KDEonN800.html along with 
the how to easily boot from your mmc on maemo.org.  I began 
on walking through your tutorial on how to boot from a 2 GB 
SD card.  I successfully got my N800 to boot from the 2 GB 
card.  The capacity of the N800 is now about 1.4 GB.  I 
to install KDE, but unfortunately, it failed to install due 
to the insufficient capacity.  Though I have a 2 GB SD card, 
but it labels within the device is a 1.9 GB to begin with.  
So could that be the problem? Or is every 2 GB SD card 
have the same capacity?  

I know that to put this device, n800 in good use is to buy 
much memory as possible especially there are a lot of useful 
applications to install.  With the n800 booting from flash, 
no much application would be able to fit.  But I have heard 
of many people suggesting to get a high capacity SD card to 
allow many applications to run, but how if one cannot boot 
from the SDHC?  If my knowledge is correct, booting from 
is the only way to allow you to install as many application 
as much as your SDHC can fit.  For this knowledge, I went 
purchased a 16 GB SDHC card.  I reflashed the n800 to os2008 
again in which case everything would be deleted.  So I began 
your tutorial again, but instead on this 16 GB SDHC.  
Everything seemed to be working fine, but until I get to the 
option where I choose which to boot from.  I chose MMC card, 
partition 2, ext2 like how you stated, but it failed to boot 
from it and began booting on the flash. I continued to 
reflash it again, but this time on OS 2007 and same result. 
kept on redoing the process over and over with both OS 2007 
and 2008, but no good news. I am very new to Linux and 
I have been doing researches and so far I only know how to 
become root and followed your instruction.  It’s getting 
frustrating as I cannot put my n800 to good use with this 16 
GB SDHC.  You seem to be very professional towards this 
matter with the OS Xterm.  And I wonder if you could help me 
on how to boot the n800 from 16 GB SDHC.  I sincerely thank 
you for your time and help.  If you find a solution to this, 
many n800 users, including me will really appreciate it.  I 
know they would because I have not yet seen any one who is 
able to boot from a 16 GB SDHC.  Once again, thank you for 
taking your time to read this.

                  Best Regards, Son Le
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