[maemo-users] Can't Wifi since loading 0S2008

From: Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Date: Fri Feb 22 02:55:43 EET 2008
> "ext Jeffrey Barish" <jeff_barish <at> earthlink.net> writes:
> > Thanks for the suggestion.  No, my SSID is not hidden.  I am using a
> > Linksys WRT-54G with WEP.  The day after I posted my initial message,
> > the connection was working again.  I am baffled, but for now, at least,
> > there is no problem.
> That's strange. Did you reboot the device in the mean time? Also, do
> you remember what channel your AP is configured to?
> Kalle Valo

I am home again and having the exact same problem.  When the N800 does a
scan, my network usually does not show up (although I see 6-8 connections
from my neighbors).  When it does, I quickly hit Connect.  After a short
pause, I get "Network connection error.  Try again?".  When I hit OK, my
network is no longer on the list.  I tried connecting to a neighbor's
network.  I get a Network connection error.  If the neighbor's network is
locked, I get a request for a key.

I was using channel 1.  I changed it to channel 2.  I have SSID broadcast
enabled.  Security mode is WEP.  MAC filter is disabled.  Everything else
is set to the default.  The WAP is a WRT54G with firmware version 4.21.1. 
I deleted the Connection for my home network and re-entered all the data. 
I rebooted the N800 and the WRT54G.  The last time I had an opportunity to
select my network, the frame for a popup appeared.  Nothing was in it for
about half a minute.  Finally I got the message about a Network connection
error.  Remember that Wifi worked before I loaded OS2008 and nothing
changed on the WRT54G except that I have now changed the channel.
Jeffrey Barish

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