[maemo-users] syncevolution

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Fri Feb 22 05:53:24 EET 2008
I'm trying to use syncevolution 0.7.  I've followed the instructions and the 
following is what I get when I run it.  It appears I'm missing a couple of 
packages but I can't find them.

Can anyone help?  Below is the errors

~$ syncevolution groupwise
19:48:51 GMT -0800 [ERROR] - memo: type 'text/plain' not supported by any of 
the available backends (syncebook.so.0). The following backend(s) were not 
found: syncecal.so.0 syncsqlite.so.0 addressbook.so.0

Synchronization failed, see /var/tmp/SyncEvolution-user-groupwise/client.log 
for details.



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