[maemo-users] Can't Wifi since loading 0S2008

From: Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Date: Fri Feb 22 20:47:53 EET 2008
I just reloaded OS2008 (and wound up with a slightly newer version --
2.2007.51.3).  My WAP still does not show up, and when I try to connect to
any of 4 of my neighbor's WAPs, I get Network connection error.  Hang on. 
It just spontaneously connected to one of my neighbor's WAPs.  I suppose
the next step is to see whether some other device can connect to my WAP. 
Unfortunately, I don't have another device, but I'll see what I can borrow. 
Remember, however, that I was able to connect to my WAP reliably for months
before I upgraded to OS2008.
Jeffrey Barish

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