[maemo-users] Cleaning up space on internal memory

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Tue Mar 4 22:04:54 EET 2008
Chris wrote:
> I ran into some space issues on the 2G memory. Digging though the 
> packages that are installed, I see a bunch supporting different 
> languages. e.g:
> maemo-af-desktop-l10n-nono 4.1+r5797 maemo-af-desktop no_NO locale
> ii ke-recv-l10n-dede 4.1+r5751 ke-recv de_DE locale
> ii hildon-status-bar-battery-l10n-fifi 4.1+r5608 
> hildon-status-bar-battery fi_FI locale
> ii hildon-task-navigator-bookmarks-l10n-ptpt 4.1+r5575 
> hildon-task-navigator-bookmarks pt_PT locale
> etc. etc.
> Question, if all I need is US English, would it be safe to uninstall 
> these other language packages?
> Chris
Packages are only installed on the 256mb system drive, not on to the 2G 
"internal memory card" - I presume you're using an N810.  That 2G drive, 
if it is truly the one you're out of space on, is only used for maps and 
any data you might put there manually.  However, if you are running out 
of space to install applications, then it's on the 256mb system drive 
and uninstalling packages or moving documents from your "home" directory 
to a memory card will help.


Ryan Pavlik

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