[maemo-users] Cleaning up space on internal memory

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 4 22:28:47 EET 2008
Some language packages are compulsory to the system. If you try to remove it
via apt-get, you'll be prompted about the dangers. I tried once to clean it
all and ended with a broken system :)


2008/3/4, Chris <didjit86 at cfl.rr.com>:
> I ran into some space issues on the 2G memory. Digging though the packages
> that are installed, I see a bunch supporting different languages. e.g:
> maemo-af-desktop-l10n-nono 4.1+r5797 maemo-af-desktop no_NO locale
> ii ke-recv-l10n-dede 4.1+r5751 ke-recv de_DE locale
> ii hildon-status-bar-battery-l10n-fifi 4.1+r5608 hildon-status-bar-battery
> fi_FI locale
> ii hildon-task-navigator-bookmarks-l10n-ptpt 4.1+r5575hildon-task-navigator-bookmarks pt_PT locale
> etc. etc.
> Question, if all I need is US English, would it be safe to uninstall these
> other language packages?
> Chris
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