[maemo-users] Is there an implementation of diff for OS2008?

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Mon Mar 10 19:38:24 EET 2008
Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote on Tue Mar 4:

> Is there an implementation of diff for OS2008?

I recently ported diffutils from my home desktop (Fedora Core 4).
I'm still trying to get my head around Debian packaging and .install 
files (Fedora uses RPM and Yum. Debian's easier, but different) so my 
.install doesn't work. Maybe it just needs to be "user" instead of 

So far, I have ported a few odd things I can't do without:
   diffutils - diff,sdiff,diff3
   bc  - arbitrary precision calculator
   bzman - emulates "man" using preformatted, bzipped pages
   cron  - kind of works, but is missing "mail"
   gnuplot - X based plotting program
   lynx - text-mode web browser
   nc  - netcat tcp/udp client/server


Now that I look, diff and less were probably in /scratchbox/tools/bin all 
along, but I couldn't find them on my N810 with "apt-get install less".

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