[maemo-users] Is there an implementation of diff for OS2008?

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Mar 11 14:02:55 EET 2008

ext Andrew Daviel wrote:
> Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote on Tue Mar 4:
>> Is there an implementation of diff for OS2008?
> I recently ported diffutils from my home desktop (Fedora Core 4).
> I'm still trying to get my head around Debian packaging and .install 
> files (Fedora uses RPM and Yum. Debian's easier, but different) so my 
> .install doesn't work. Maybe it just needs to be "user" instead of 
> "free".
> So far, I have ported a few odd things I can't do without:
>    diffutils - diff,sdiff,diff3
>    bc  - arbitrary precision calculator
>    bzman - emulates "man" using preformatted, bzipped pages
>    cron  - kind of works, but is missing "mail"
>    gnuplot - X based plotting program
>    less
>    lynx - text-mode web browser
>    nc  - netcat tcp/udp client/server
> http://andrew.triumf.ca/N810/repository/dists/chinook/free/binary-armel/
> Now that I look, diff and less were probably in /scratchbox/tools/bin all 
> along, but I couldn't find them on my N810 with "apt-get install less".

less can be installed according to instructions here:

	- Eero

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