[maemo-users] Stale timezone rules for Canada

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Mon Mar 10 20:40:52 EET 2008
Yesterday was clock-forward time for most of the US and Canada, but my 
N810 failed to switch. I only bought it a few weeks ago, AND I upgraded 
to the latest OS2008 53.1 or whatever. Canada decided to follow the US
on this province-by-province, but BC decided on 31 March 2006 and the 
Linux zone sources were updated the next day. So I'm wondering why
Nokia has failed to update given nearly 2 years notice.

In Maemo, timezones are in the libc6 package. I have 
maemo-scratchbox-4.0.1 and the zones weren't all correct there, either.
But I was able to update libc and that seemed to fix Vancouver.
Prior to that, I was able to recompile the North American rules with zic
and copy the Vancouver zone to my N810, solving my immediate problem, as 
per my page http://andrew.triumf.ca/dst.html

I have made a stab at collecting updated Canadian zones from my FC4 
system (just because I've got it. It should really be done from source) 
and made

this wants to overwrite files from libc6 but is not a complete 
replacement for libc6. Not sure how to do it in apt-get, but this works:
   dpkg -i --force-overwrite

so now
$ zdump -v America/Yellowknife|grep 2008  gets
America/Yellowknife  Sun Mar  9 08:59:59 2008 UTC = Sun Mar  9 01:59:59 2008 MST isdst=0 gmtoff=-25200A
instead of
America/Yellowknife  Sun Apr  6 08:59:59 2008 UTC = Sun Apr  6 01:59:59 2008 MST isdst=0 gmtoff=-25200

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