[maemo-users] Accessing GPS on Nokia N810

From: Petr Stetiar ynezz at true.cz
Date: Mon Mar 10 21:33:46 EET 2008
Andrew Daviel <advax at triumf.ca> [2008-03-10 12:08:40]:

> I built cgps from the gpsd toolkit, which can get data from gpsd if it's 
> running. If I start the Nokia map, gpsd starts up. But I can't see how to
> start it manually - if I try, it says
>   GPS device /dev/pgp nonexistent or can't be read

That /dev/pgps device is just symlink to /dev/pts/X created by gpsdriver on
demand done via D-Bus and Unix socket probably. I'm investigating it further
with strace, because I would like to control GPS from scripts also.

-- ynezz

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