[maemo-users] Accessing GPS on Nokia N810

From: Petr Stetiar ynezz at true.cz
Date: Tue Mar 11 10:19:43 EET 2008
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Andrew Daviel <advax at triumf.ca> [2008-03-10 17:07:14]:

> I probably did "ps ax" instead of "ps axw" and truncated the command line 
> - no wonder I could not find the device. So if that emits NMEA 0183, gpsd
> translates it to tcp where multiple clients can access it at once.
> I notice gpsdriver is running all the time before the map program is 
> started. I wonder why.

Because 'gpsdriver' seems to be some kind of middleware between userspace
applications and kernel driver. It powers On/Off the GPS, uploads also
something like GPS Almanac data from /var/lib/gps/nvd_data to GPS driver and
it seems, that it also writes back this blob when the GPS is about to shutdown.

> Do you happen to know where the N810 keeps its battery information. 
> /dev/acpi/battery like on my laptop does not exist .

No, but there's battery applet which needs to read that info from somewhere...

-- ynezz

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