[maemo-users] How do i uninstall the default Email program?

From: Giacomo Tufano Giacomo.Tufano at Sun.COM
Date: Thu Mar 13 16:11:45 EET 2008
Tim Ashman ha scritto:
> Hey I tried modest and how do I voice my opinion on the delete function.  One 
> of the things I like about the builtin email client is I get the option every 
> time I delete whether or not to delete off of the server.  I use my home 
> desktop as my "forever" tank.  Most emails I just receive on the n810 first, 
> delete and never care about.  However for a few I like to receive them on the 
> N810, delete from the N810 only and then archive onto the desktop the next 
> time I download emails to that machine. 
> I don't see a way to do this easily with modest.  I know there is the setting 
> in the account but then I would be constantly changing it back and forth and 
> you don't also get any indication when you are going to delete which way the 
> setting is.
> Any hope the modest guys will change the delete prompt to be like the builtin 
> nokia email app, or atleast give me a setting as to whether I want the option 
> at delete time.
It is always interesting how the view of the world are different. As my 
email(s) are on IMAP servers, what I *really* hate of the Nokia apps is 
the continous asking me if I want to delete on the server... ;-) Worse, 
sometimes the mail folder is not syncronized, so I find the same 
messages waiting "unread" for me...

On a separate point: I have several nasty bugs on modest, not showing me 
emails from a configured second account; not quoting reply if original 
message have tables etc.

The worser bug is that, if you configure modest to autocheck emails, 
there is no way to quit the program. It always check emails (after a 
"formal" File->Quit) and the "advice" opens the "regular" Email app... 
So it is completely unuseful (I keep it disabled and fire up the program 
to check emails).

The problem is: where can I submit bugs (or asking about "may be bugs") 
in Modest? I don't find any forum nor mailing list...


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