[maemo-users] How do i uninstall the default Email program?

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Mar 13 17:01:23 EET 2008

ext Giacomo Tufano wrote:
> Tim Ashman ha scritto:
>> Hey I tried modest and how do I voice my opinion on the delete function.  One 
>> of the things I like about the builtin email client is I get the option every 
>> time I delete whether or not to delete off of the server.  I use my home 
>> desktop as my "forever" tank.  Most emails I just receive on the n810 first, 
>> delete and never care about.  However for a few I like to receive them on the 
>> N810, delete from the N810 only and then archive onto the desktop the next 
>> time I download emails to that machine. 
>> I don't see a way to do this easily with modest.  I know there is the setting 
>> in the account but then I would be constantly changing it back and forth and 
>> you don't also get any indication when you are going to delete which way the 
>> setting is.
>> Any hope the modest guys will change the delete prompt to be like the builtin 
>> nokia email app, or atleast give me a setting as to whether I want the option 
>> at delete time.
> It is always interesting how the view of the world are different. As my 
> email(s) are on IMAP servers, what I *really* hate of the Nokia apps is 
> the continous asking me if I want to delete on the server... ;-) Worse, 
> sometimes the mail folder is not syncronized, so I find the same 
> messages waiting "unread" for me...
> On a separate point: I have several nasty bugs on modest, not showing me 
> emails from a configured second account; not quoting reply if original 
> message have tables etc.
> The worser bug is that, if you configure modest to autocheck emails, 
> there is no way to quit the program. It always check emails (after a 
> "formal" File->Quit) and the "advice" opens the "regular" Email app... 
> So it is completely unuseful (I keep it disabled and fire up the program 
> to check emails).
> The problem is: where can I submit bugs (or asking about "may be bugs") 
> in Modest? I don't find any forum nor mailing list...

Click to "mailing-list" on Modest site:
And you see the mailing lists:

Bugs are reported similarly to other Garage projects i.e. to garage
bug tracker, see the Modest project page:
For bug tracker:

	- Eero

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